About Hepatitis

Be Certain Campaign

Since the end of 2008, the B Free CEED Partnership has been working to
create a campaign to encourage screening for hepatitis B among the Chinese
and Korean communities at highest risk for infection. Informed by data
collected over a period of two years from NYC Korean and Chinese residents,
the campaign was developed with the award-winning NYC advertising
agency, APartnership. The result is a multi-phase campaign to build
awareness, decrease hepatitis B-related stigma, and to encourage the at-risk
community to know their hepatitis B status by getting tested. The campaign
includes a 30-second public service announcement available in Chinese and
Korean with English subtitles, as well as print ads available in Chinese,
Korean, and English.

For more information, or if you would like copies of either the videos or
print advertisements, contact Simona Kwon at simona.kwon@nyumc.org
Please specify the exact version and language in the email,
and where you would like to use the material.